Our experienced, passionate, and focused sales team strives to develop solid, long lasting relationships built on honesty, integrity and trust with our retailers.


Innovation is one of the driving forces behind making Innokin a leading manufacturer in the electronic cigarette industry.  WIth a goal of producing one new product every three months, Innokin is continuously working to improve their products while pushing the limits and imagination within the industry.


We take great pride in representing a company that has a reputation built on quality and innovation.

Innokin-USA provides the highest level of customer service and support to our valued customers.  Our primary goal is to provide the best experience for our retail partners and offer a relationship which promotes success.  We understand the unique needs of each business and tailor our approach and support accordingly

For all inquiries, please call: (760) 516-9000



With a commitment to quality, Innokin Technology implements a systemic inspection method, taking each product through at least five extensive examinations: from incoming materials to the production line to the shipment of completed goods.

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